Friday, March 3, 2017

Privacy Policy

Our apps does not collect user information or share anything with third parties.

Our two apps named "Free DS Emulator" and "NDS Emulator - for Android 6" requires the following permissions explained as below:
- Get Account/Internet, Access network state: to synchronize savestate files with Google Drive.
- Record Audio: this permission is used to emulate the NDS microphone which may be used in some games. If you don't want to enable it you can turn it of in Options screen.
- Vibrate: used to vibrate your phone when game button is pressed.
- Bluetooth: used to support external gamepad.
If you have any more concern about Privacy Policy please email us at


  1. Sorry I know that this is not the best place to tell u guys this but I just wanna thank u guys for the wonderful app free nds I literally deleted my phone games and left only ROMs so my phone is now a Nintendo console this is the best app I have ever seen in terms of emulators thank you and have a great day

  2. At first it was running good but now whenever I try to open game it return back to screen.i please can you fix it